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Right at the Point of Need

Using our Interactive Platform, deploy Dynamic QR Codes, Embedded NFC and Text Responders to enable access to a variety of meaningful content


Customised, Flexible & Automated Responder Services for Business and Organisations, with Built in Reporting, GPS Tagging and over 99.95% uptime


No need to worry about your content not being accessible by different mobile phone browsers and operating systems. All AnsaTAG content renders perfectly on any kind of mobile device and is very user friendly.

Shelf Talkers that talk to you? Why not? Incorporate a variety of mixed media such as Audio, Video and Interactive PDF's. We modify your existing content to enable you provide better information for your customers which will help you sell more.

Content delivered via AnsaTAG is optimised for any kind of mobile phone and is customised perfectly for your customers immediate needs and queries. Especially useful for those products that could be defined as a "considered purchase".

AnsaTAG is the leading mobile marketing platform that enables the creation, management and deployment of Optimised Mobile Landing Pages, QR Codes, SMS and NFC Smart Responders. Yay!
The AnsaTAG platform is currently powering many thousands of Mobile Pages, QR Codes, NFC Tags and Interactive SMS (Text) Responders. Our service is trusted to deliver by a number of very important services - ranging from Emergency Alert Responders and Time and Attendance initiatives. Contact us to find out more, view case studies and to start a dialogue to discover if we can bring an improvement to your B2C & B2B communication methods.


Add Engagement and Interactivity to your Print

Add GPS & other Reporting

Our simple and transparent reporting means that you can measure the succes of any campaign - right down to it's location. 

Incorporate one click ordering

Enable customers to order an item or service and even book an event directly from printed matter using their mobile phone. 


Pre & Post Sales Engagement

Deploy our Custom Shelf Talkers - incorporate Video, Audio, and Calls to Action that help you sell more

An Outstanding & Simple Communication Platform for Multiple Channels

Changing your marcomms from a one way monologue into a two way dialogue makes sense and will have a greater impact on your target audience.

Using our Silent Salesforce (AnsaTAG enabled Point of Sale)  allows consumers to make positive considered choices and give another chance for retailers to reinforce their key sales messages

Hotels use our Pocket Concierge to engage with their guests in a more meaningful manner.  Any hospitality business is able to grow their business via our automated communication tools.

Deliver Tourist Information using AnsaTAG linking to a blend of mixed media content including Video, Audio, Navigation and Special Offers. 

We are providing the ability for the NHS to present patient information in an interactive and digital format - replacing outdated and often costly patient advisory leaflets.

AnsaTAG enabled tools allow you to make connections fast - engage with visitors long after they have left your stand

ANSATAG is available as a fully outsourced solution as well as a simple and curated platform 

We fit in with the needs of our Customers


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