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    The World's Number One Intelligent Auto-Responder Service
    AnsaTag it!

Add Interactivity to any Print & Packaging

AnsaTag enables you to inform engage promote direct to a consumers mobile phone

Information is transferred and saved to a users mobile phone at the Point of Need through accessing a variety of smart connectors and conduits such as Interactive SMS, Contacless NFC Chip, AnsaMail and dynamic QR Codes. Any mobile phone - anywhere. Simple and No App Required.

Quick Overview

A Bespoke Service

Every AnsaTag & AnsaPage is unique

No App Required

Simple and Easy access to information

Accessible by any Mobile Phone

Any phone, anywhere and everywhere

Simple and Inclusive

Also perfect for "non-connected" users

Tag to Any Content

Video, Audio and even e-Commerce.

Inbound Marketing

AnsaTag puts it on autopilot

Low Cost - High Return

Some AnsaTag services start from FREE

Transparent Reporting

Easy reporting behind every response

and more...

Incorporate an AnsaTag responder service by including a Call to Action to your printed materials and all of a sudden you open up an ongoing dialogue with your customers. Read our LinkedIn article here
Push Push Marketing - it simply doesn't work anymore. AnsaTag puts your inbound marketing on auto pilot
No need to spend money on translating documents - simply add an Ansatag and link it to a native Audio translation alongside the digital document. Ask us for a demo.

Don't just Advertise - ANSATISE!

and give people what they really want... information and engagement

AnsaTag is the leading Smart Responder Service

AnsaPage Ansapage See More The perfect medium for presenting a variety of information for download onto mobile devices. No app required - accessible by any smartphone. Facebook AnsaPage Linkedin
Ansacard See More The fastest way of transferring your contact details in a digital format - simply by touching the card with a mobile phone. Facebook AnsaCard Linkedin
Point of Sale See More Provide enhanced and consistent information in a digital format - right at the point of sale. Never miss a chance to inform, engage and promote Facebook AnsaHub Linkedin
AnsaTag it! Let's Start Something Adding customised AnsaTag services to any of your printed or digital communications is fast and simple. Contact us today to find out more. Facebook AnsaTag Linkedin

Add an AnsaTag service to your next project and start to monetise your print forever

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Get your unique AnsaTag graphic today

We can create your own unique AnsaTag graphic and service that when coupled with a strong call to action can be linked to your custom digital content. Use your AnsaTag on packaging, print and at the Point of Sale or Point of Interest. If you would prefer to speak to our team leader - please call Ian Cunningham on (UK) 01623 904602
Thanks for your interest - there is no project that is too small - adding an AnsaTag to your print or packaging is simple and is accessible for anyone.

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  • Address: Sherwood Digital, Aura Commerce & Technology Centre, Newark NG24 1BS England
  • Phone: (01623) 904602
  • Email: hello@ansatag.com

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